usage of Advertisements

Appropriate usage of Advertisements

Fortunately for web designers, advertisements provide a means of monetising their website, which can often lead to being able to provide more quality content and/or run competitions and so on. Unfortunately for web browsers, advertisements can be beyond annoying and create a massive hassle if the web designers insists on pop-ups or other such things that interrupt the user experience. So yet another aspect of web development comes down to finding a good balance.

There are many ways of delivering advertisements to users, but it has to be balanced out by content. Having a web page covered in flashing advertisements or the annoying variations of “Person discovers something, doctors are mad at them” and so on can and most likely will make users have a bad experience with a site. Web developers have to find ad deliverers which will not be intrusive and complements the content provided on the site, you want the users to feel like not using an ad blocker.

There are many mistakes that many web developers and designers make when putting ads on a page, a personal pet peeve other than flashing advertisements is when the background image links to an ad, so when you want to reactivate the window by clicking it, it opens the ad. Alienating your user base is perhaps the worst way of fostering good will towards your site and content and nobody visits a site for the ads, with a couple of exceptions such as The Million Dollar HomePage a site which sells one pixel for one dollar. Monetising a website isn’t an easy task and many people fail, but when attempting to, the best way for web developers to implement it is by being as unobtrusive as possible.

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