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The importance of Gamification in Software Development

Gamification in a nutshell Gamification is the application of game like principles and features to software in order to increase customer, employee and partner engagement (e.g. these features can include point scoring, achievement levels, competition with peers etc). Such engagement can be essential since, without it, significant resources may otherwise have to be spent to […]

Quality Management Practices in Software Development

Reaffirming our commitment to quality management in software development with ISO9001 certification We recently reaffirmed our commitment to quality by becoming ISO9001:2008 certified. While ISO9001 certification does not in and of itself ensure quality, it strengthens the 6th pillar in our software development quality assurance practice: Quality of the integrated organisation wide system for managing […]

Leveraging a Digital Transformation Partner Service to thrive in the Cloud and IoT Eras

Leveraging a Digital Transformation Partner As disruptive digital technologies continue to emerge at faster and faster rates, the coming years present significant challenges for any business leader seeking not only to adapt and remain relevant but to thrive in the new environment. From a technology perspective, what will determine the fate of business entities of […]

Custom Software and Competitive Advantage

The Different Roles of Custom Software and Off the Shelf Software Since the essence of strategy is being different in a way that matters to customers, we find it curious when prospective clients consider off the shelf software for the business activities that are at the heart of their differentiation. To be clear, we aren’t […]

Complexity, Agility and Workflow Automation

The Case for Workflow Automation Volatile Change as the New Normal No business leader today can deny that every business is not only becoming more complex but also experiencing an accelerating rate of change in this complexity. New competitors are springing up overnight, the breakthrough products of a few years ago are being rendered obsolete […]

Choosing a Software Development Company

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Software Development Company Software development can be a complex process. Unlike building a home where stages such as foundations / walls / roofing each appear before your very eyes, with software development, you often don’t see anything meaningful until near the very end when developers assemble all the […]

Every Business is Now a Software Business

Software Business Regardless of the industry you are in, you almost certainly use software applications to support, if not carry out, most value chain activities. Depending on the industry you’re in, software applications likely facilitate customer acquisition, sales orders, billing, recruitment and induction, payroll, performance tracking as well as strategic and management processes. If you’re […]

How to create a Favicon?

A small bit of a website is the favicon, and by small, I mean about 16 x 16 pixels small. It adds just a little bit more to your site, for very little effort. For those who don’t know what the favicon is, it’s the little icon for websites that’s generally to the left of […]

Aesthetics or Functionality?

Arguably the most important aspect of web development, other than getting the website working in the first place is whether to place more emphasis on aesthetics or functionality. Personally, I think aesthetics come with functionality, so a simplistic or functional site is aesthetic in a way. Of course, many people discuss the Golden Ratio when […]