Setting up a DC Hub (DBHub)

This is the setup process I follow to setup a DC++ Hub, which I use for Adam Internet’s Community Net.

I use DBHub ( for the Hub software.

The system this process works on:
Linux Ubuntu 2.6.28-11-generic (mythubuntu)
Perl v5.10.0

I have included a modified configure file because as of Perl 5.10 DynaLoader is no longer in DynaLoader.a but is now included in libperl.a.

*So if you receive an error like (DynaLoader.a not found, then use my modified configure file).

First install the needed dependencies:

sudo apt-get install build-essential libperl-dev

Download the needed files:


Run the following commands to configure and compile DBHub with Perl scripting support

tar -zxf dbhub-0.451.tgz
cd dbhub-0.451
cp ../configure-0.451 configure
./configure --enable-perl
make install

when you first run dbhub it will setup the config file, so make sure you ran it as the user you want to run the hub. i.e if I use the root user to run the command then the config will be stored in /root/.dbhub


Enter in a port to listen on (411)
Set a Username and Password for the owner user

DBHub will now be running and listening for connections.